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The Toilmaster Roof Fund

The first of Xahra's undertakings as a young lizard was to renovate the dwelling of the Toilmaster. After careful observations, Xahra found him to be a passionate, hard-working Iksar. She pitied him, largely because of the problems she and Xarikel caused him in their childhood, like hiding his lunch box while his back was turned and "accidentally" leaving the froglok pen open. She found that, underneath his caustic and abrasive facade, he was a sensitive, albeit slightly abrasive, lizard with no roof. Although she suspected that the Toilmaster would remain his normal, less-than-charming self even with a roof, Xahra decided that she would at least attempt to placate him. After all, rain falling on any Iksar, day after day, month after month, year after year, would have to become tedious eventually. And besides, they had stolen his lunch box many, many times. Xahra figured she owed him.

No wonder he was always in such a bad mood.

To improve his disposition, and to alleviate the guilt she felt at harassing such an unfortunate man, Xahra decided to set up the Toilmaster Roof Fund. So, whenever people would pass the Toilmaster's house, Xahra would ask them for copper pieces...but it was to little avail. Not many shared her compassion for the crotchety old lizard. Some even laughed at his misfortune and suggested that he deserved his lack of a roof. She ignored these comments, even though his ingratitude made her tend to agree with them.But Xahra's selfless vigil began to take its toll on her own health. The one silver piece she was able to scrounge up, she had to spend on a flask of bloodwater, being thirsty from long hours of collecting.

It was with a heavy heart that she spent her hard-earned funds, but she thought of how thankless the toilmaster had been, and didn't feel as bad about it. She hoped that he would become a little more grateful when some real cash began to flow in. But citizens of Cabilis knew the Toilmaster, and many of them not-so-fondly recalled times he had insulted them, and walked on their way without offering any money. Obviously, not much capital was flowing in the heart of the Iksar empire. Xahra knew that to raise more funds, she would have to leave the city. And asking for money in the Toilmaster's name simply would not generate the money Xahra desired. Thus, she and Xarikel hatched the internationally acclaimed scam known as the Cabilis Interhighway Administration, or, the CIA. Kunark would never be the same.

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