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The reason this page was initially created was to house my somewhat huge collection of screen shots. Eventually I also decided to move all my stories here, in one central location, instead of sporadically around the message board. Enjoy.

Recent Accomplishments - Kinda like a diary, for when cool stuff happens. I stopped updating it cos I'm lazy. So don't expect anything recent!

Xahra's Story - My extensive character background narrative.
The Photo Album - Collections of screen shots. More coming!

Funny stories - You'll laugh, I promise!
Serious stories - I have a few of these.
Quotes - Things people say that I think are funny.

Now some links. I play on the Luclin server. I'm a member of Sheep. And here's my Magelo.
Additionally, the ads on these pages weren't placed here by's a Tripod thing.

last update: October 2, 2003