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Funny Stories!

Sometimes I get some funny stories in picture form. The few that I have managed to find, are here.

  • Kazon dies - King Kazon Stormhammer meets his demise at the hands of what remains of TXELP.
  • Pendle Down! - Xahra disposes of her old enemy, Pendle Dashinger.
  • Guardian of Cabilis - Xahra keeps the canals free of half-elf maidens.
  • Toying with a Beggar - While I was xp killing in Kaladim with my friend, one of the little dwarves got much more demanding than they usually do. My brother, at another computer, took advantage of this, and began sending the dwarf tells with surefire ways to get money.
  • Stupid Snow Griffins - After hours of killing snow griffins, I finally had four eggs for my souffle. I returned to Kaladim to buy the baking supplies and turn in the food, only to find it deserted. This story was my vent.
  • The Best Death Story Ever - Or, how to get a Customer Service Resurrection from a GM by doing something stupid.
  • The Toilmaster Roof Fund - An early project of Xahra's. Some of my oldest screenshots are here.

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