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King Kazon Stormhammer: the End of an Era

Months had come and gone since an attempt was last made on King Kazon Stormhammer's life. He thought he was safe from the threat of TXELP. He had become comfortable, and thought with contempt at the iksars who had foolishly attempted regicide all that time ago. He thought he had heard the last from them.

He was wrong.

Having nothing better to do, Xasmic and Xahra decided that it was time for King Kazon to die. They stormed the city of Kaladim and easily defeated its insignificant defenses.

They arrived at the castle, and who was waiting for them but Mr. Stormhammer himself! He called his guards to help him.

But his guards were no help.

Soon it was just Xasmic and the king!

He stole the King's weapon...

And ended his life!

Naturally King Kazon's subjects were distraught at the king's demise.

But they were most pleased. King Kazon was dead, and a long-term goal had been accomplished. Dwarves never win.

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