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Guardian of Cabilis

Everyone in Cabilis knows that the Haggle Baron has odd tastes in women. In bars and spinning circles, people gossip about the half-elf maiden he keeps locked in his attic. Some believe it, others don't. But Xahra knows the truth.

It looks like the Haggle Baron let her out. What a pity...everyone knows that no soft-skins are allowed in Cabilis. So, Xahra decided it was time to take out the garbage.

Naturally, the half-elf maiden was displeased.

A fight ensued. Xahra knew from the onset that she would win. But the half-elf fought valiantly, managing to give Xahra a bruise on the shin before she met her demise.

Xahra left her corpse in the canal, as a reminder to other soft-skins that might consider tainting the fair waters of Cabilis. She regretted damaging the Haggle Baron's personal belongings, but such luxuries are a privilege. He could not control his concubine, so she had to die.

The waterways of Cabilis are unpolluted once again. Xahra will tell others of her exploits, in hopes that no more innocent half-elf maidens dare to enter the canals of her city.

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