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Killing Gwan and Trunt

Yea so honestly I didn't get many pictures cos I wasn't really thinking about it until we were a ways in, buuut here's what I got, complete with my usual narration.

So we ported up to the Plane of Sky. When we got there, we ran over to this crater looking port thing and sat under a fairy for like 10 minutes and buffed/recovered mana. Eventually the noise of fluttering wings got to be too much for us, and we slaughtered the fairy. Of course, its death was not meaningless as we recovered three key-turn-in things. Then we killed the thunder fairy princess...she dropped no key things, but she DID drop a pretty shaman cup. And since I don't have any pictures until the second island, HERE is a picture of me with my cup, to stall for time.

Now even more people will mistake me for an enchanter. Awesome lol. Anyway back to the story.

So then this guy spawns, Sirrian the Lunatic. He killed our warlord, cos he said something to him, or attacked something...something like that anyway. All I know is, I turned around for a second and then I saw his life go from full to empty. We all kinda sat around like "whoa" and "wtf", but he got rezzed back np so we went and killed another fairy and got the rest of the group the key pieces. We turned them in and got real keys, then ported up to the next island, Gwan Island!

We all went over to the windmill cos Gwan has a reputation for knockbacking people off the island, not cool. Here is the nice woman that let us shack up at her place while we dispatched the monk. She just watched the fight. Gwan came over and he was being a punk hitting Xasmic from behind the wall. But eventually he came in and got destroyed. And of course I didn't take any pictures of this. But then afterward I did get a cool scenic one.

I like the way it looks here with the full clipping plane, and nice silhouette type thing.

Then I was informed that to leave, we were to jump off the thing. I wasn't sure if this was a joke or not, but when I saw everyone else doing it, I did too (so much for that old thing about if all your friends jump off the Brooklyn Bridge lol). This was my view on the way down. It was a very long fall, but luckily, it ended in the water near Freeport. We all congratulated each other.

So, our cleric had been pushing to go kill the penultimate mob for Xasmic's epic, this other monk in Droga, and it ended up working out after a bit of recruiting (me, him, and the cleric were the only three out of the original group that stayed). A few linkdeaths later, we were all in the mines and wandering around like a pack of invisible vagabonds. FINALLY we found the trigger spawn:

A sleeping ogre. So Xasmic woke him up and brought Trunt over for us to kill.

The best out of the couple of pictures of the ensuing beatdown. Trunt fell just as easily as Gwan...and harder, being an ogre.

And here the coward is, running away.


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