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We take on Team Dragon!

Our 1am raid on Fear had been canceled due to lack of people showing up. In Cobalt Scar, our destination changed from the Dragon Necropolis to the dragons outside the Temple of Veeshan, since we found more people that wanted to come with us. This sounded like a great deal of fun, so here are my pictures. Some of the action is missing, because after our initial camp to lose aggro I got kicked to the desktop a bunch of times and had to switch computers. But anyway, here.

This cool-looking place served as our regrouping point for most of the night.

Quoza was first to bat for Team Dragon. He spreads his wings in anticipation...

Anticipation for death!

Draazak comes next. We killed him, but not before I died.

After everyone was resurrected, we were plotting on some dragons over by the farthest archway down. While we were standing around, a wolf started to gnaw on my ankle. While the melee types were beating down the dragon, we were ambushed by Ionat. This would not have been a problem, except for his area effect silence that stopped me or any of the others from healing. So, we all went down. The paladin, in a rather un-paladin fashion, "heroically fled the scene in terror" (direct quote from him lol) on his horse. Good move though; he resurrected the cleric, who in turn resurrected the rest of us.

My corpse, lying in a knot with a few others. Basically, this is the summoned pile.

I stepped back to survey the carnage Ionat had created.

His job finished, Ionat had returned to the gate. From our safe point on the hill, we glared at him, and thought about how we wanted to kill him. Instead, we moved over to the other side and went after Glati.

He almost got to the other dragons as he fled from our overwhelming assault. I got the kill shot.

Next was Derasinal. His rotting flesh was an efficient killing machine, and barely into the fight I went down for death #3.

Here comes Karkona.


Hey look it's Entariz. Let's see if he wants to play!

Entariz does, indeed, want to play.

Our last victory of the night.

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