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July 24, 2003

Helped Xasmic finish off his VT key in ME after we took down Cursed. Then we decided to go put our keys to use and look around. It's dark in VT. We only got to look around in a hallway before we ran into some stuff, but it was still cool.

July 18, 2003
For some reason Ssra was pretty deserted today...couldn't figure out why. Emperor was due. We took down AL and stuck around to farm ore; no other guilds showed up in force all day. Blood spawned at maybe 10pm and our keyed people went up to prep. We'd never even stepped foot in his room before, although for awhile we'd been meaning to go practice crowd control. Anyway, about 45 minutes later...

The fight was extremely fun and exciting, despite my being in the tank mez group. I can't wait to go back and do it again. Here's some pictures. I couldn't get any close to the emperor cos I was busy. Next time someone else gets to be on TM.
Us about to engage Blood... The battle with Blood... Tank mez!... The closest SS I got of Emp lol

May 1, 2003
Guild was raiding ST and I don't have a key, so I went to Mistmoore to check if the Advisor was up for Ken. There were 9 in the zone when I got there, a couple were druids, and none were shamans, so I asked if he was up and was told he'd just been killed. So I asked if anyone was doing Black Dire, nobody said anything, so I invised up, went back, summoned a pet, and killed him. Ken came to loot the pelt. In the meantime, I gave the group he came with (some people in his guild and Jeremy) a tour of Mistmoore.

me and Jeremy sitting on the couch... their group in front of Mistmoore's portrait... same picture, closer-up... Jeremy and Ken kneel to Aenare... Ken pointing at Aenare, or stabbing her, I'm not sure which

April 4, 2003
I put in my application for Sheep today. I raided NToV with them; we killed Lendiniara the Keeper and Eashen of the Sky. Afterwards, I went to Warslik's and camped for a grim aura earring. I got one, seven hours later. My trains were pretty spectacular though!

March 31, 2003
I went to hang out in Mistmoore to try and trigger Black Dire for Ken. It didn't happen, but I had fun wandering around the castle.

lounging about in the hot tub... banging on the piano...

March 26, 2003
Well...tonight was the night, although I had no idea until about twenty minutes before it happened. I was going to FM to kill the guy for the cudgel, when Xasmic asked me what I was doing. I told him, and he replied that I should come to CoM. Not bothering to ask why, I gated back and made my way down there.

As it turned out, he had put together a raid (five people, but still a raid I guess lol) to kill Rak for me.

target acquired... Xasmic socializing with Lord Rak... target engaged!... me with my epic, goblin form!

March 25, 2003


March 5, 2003
Helped a druid kill Faydedar. Tarricar I think. I'd never done Fay so I went into it thinking it would be cool to see something new. I didn't know Faydedar was so stupid looking though. Also, he lasted about 20 seconds.

Also, afterwards, I helped Ken get the Shield of Falsehood. Some of it, anyway. We hung out underwater for about half an hour.

March 4, 2003

Now to work on getting flagged!

February 25, 2003

<3 charm kiting. ~_~

February 17, 2003

Two more levels and I'm an oracle! PoD again.

January 29, 2003
Something truly awesome happened to me today. I got that damn tear.

It was a wonderful surprise, after nothing but trouble with the game. I kept getting kicked to the desktop when I zoned, at which point the game would not let me back in unless I restarted. It took me five times trying something new (and subsequently restarting) before I finally got it fixed. I won't say what it was! Actually, I will...I had a bad UI file. Anyway.

I got a tell from Xasmic ordering me to come to Fear. His guild was about to kill Cazic Thule, the broodling was up, and nobody needed it. So if I could get there in time, I could spear it. He met me at the zoneline...

...and we ran off to where it was. We got there, and I just kinda looked at it for a second, not really believing I was actually getting to do this.

Then, at Xasmic's frantic urging, I hit my autoattack key and ended her life swiftly. >:)

It took me like half an hour to calm down after looting the tear lol. So now I just have to find some mages to help me kill Rak, and I'll have an epic. I've come so far from being the n00b shaman that didn't buy a slow spell until 25 lol.

Eternal gratitude to Sheep though. And, of course, to Xasmic for thinking of me! Thanks!

January 26, 2003

Check out this price difference lol. I was happy to find it for under 3.5k, though, so I quickly bought it. I don't know how much I'll be using a group dex spell (probably quite rarely), but for 50pp, I don't really care.

January 25, 2003
Tonight was my CoM raid. It went smoothly for the most parts. There were absolutely no deaths, which wasn't all that surprising, since I pretty much knew what we were up against. I read so much and talked to so many people before tonight lol. But it worked out.

Here's kind of a neat pull shot. The reaver is over on the left, coming to meet its demise. You can make out a surprising number of people in this picture!

Up top, Garsgirl charmed the Wraith of Jaxon. Then she and Aariny turned in gems to it. Afterwards, we killed it like we killed everything else. Next in line to kill was Neh. Xasmic pulled her reaver over to us, and she popped after the first one. I turned in, we killed, we left.

Neh'Ashiir is about to die too.

The raid went very well, I was pretty surprised, since it's the first raid I've led. Maural got a Throneblade of the Ykesha, and Shmilyi got an Ornate Runed Shield for his wizard. I didn't see anything wrong with rolling for alts...Shmilyi brought his cleric instead of his wizard because I asked him to (although we had complete healing overkill lol), so I figured he should have a chance. This was a guild group pretty much, so I didn't think anyone would rip anyone off.

I did forget to mention the groups. As with any CoM raid, probably half the force was druids. There were also four clerics. I asked a couple of the druids to switch to their melee alts (all we had for melee was a 52 warrior and a 52 rogue lol). So effectively, there were three healers per group (one cleric and at least one druid). It took a bit for things to die, but nobody ever went to low health.

Afterwards, I brought Neh's diary to an interested wolf...after I inspected it for blackmail material.

Now if I can just get that damn tear. :-/

January 23, 2003
PoD this time.

This one looks like it will be quite a bit longer. We killed about seven mobs after I made my level. I'm a tick and a quarter in. Maybe it will speed up seems like the first bubble is always a huge pain.
Group agi and sta, plus a new Malo. Next level I get group str, group dr/pr, and Cann4. I want 58. At least I got two group buffs before the CoM raid.

January 22, 2003
Broke-ass shaman scrounged up some cash today and bought this:

Yea, now I guess I'm not allowed to complain about Malo and Torpor. Anyway, the horse is the best 8.4k I ever spent. I'm constantly meditating, always regenerating 30 hp a tick. I don't have to stand up to cast cannibalize. I wish I'd blown my cash on this earlier.

Sure, I can outrun my horse, but that's hardly the point lol. I'll buy a nice one when I'm wealthy. Three and a half blue to 57!

January 19, 2003
I was supposed to be running a City of Mist raid tonight. It didn't happen, because another raid wanted the same mob I was after. We could have gotten there first, but I bowed out. I didn't want it to be that way.

Instead, we killed Cazel for Vryc's epic. Then, we killed some rogue in Steamfont for Shira's rogue's epic. Then, we went to Sebilis to celebrate. Here's me on the shelf.

I look like a figurine!

Kon LD'd in EJ, and she had the loot, so I stopped by Kaesora and trained Pendle to Vauris. I left them to fight while I joined the others in PoK, and came back later to find them still fighting. I decided to take a couple of screen shots of Pendle getting punched.

January 18, 2003
Hung out in Howling Stones all night with Spike and the guild. I happened to get all my skulls for the next cudgel. We were down there for three or four hours I think. I got a picture of me and Gars next to a huge skeleton (we're not shrank or anything).

After the party, we went to the Field of Bone. Madax came to help, Spike left, and Shiranui joined us. I went to do my first turnin in Cabilis, while everyone gathered at the book. When I got back, I found Madax besieged by dark elves!

But, when you take into account my angle, and the fact that I'm also evil, this picture is even better:

I gave Quilin my skull, and we killed the Arisen Iksar. A couple turnins later, I had this:

Overall I'd say it was a good night!

January 17, 2003
Killed some assorted Iksars for Maikht's Shackle of Tynnonium. It was fun. I like questing a lot more than planes grinding. Konatsu and Spikester, a cool troll sk (there seem to be quite a few of those), came with us. I think this picture is funny.

Spike's invis died at some point, and the iksar didn't like him. So he attacked, and Spike feigned. Then, the iksar sat down right on top of him. He didn't have any intentions of moving, either! After we waited a few minutes, Maikht just did his turnin there, and we dispatched the Iksar back at the top of the hill. And he did end up getting his shackle.

January 16, 2003
Went with Madax on Primal Order's PoA raid. He got to tag along if he brought his own group. It was kinda fun, but mostly boring. I didn't get a key for isle one before it was cleared, so I got to duel the necro's pet to be corpse summoned later. Through some divine intervention, he ld'd as I accepted the duel. So I won. Momentarily.

I sat around for close to an hour before getting corpse summoned up. Pretty boring. Acceptable though, because Madax ended up getting his fake epic.

Us at the third island.

Me jumping down to Freeport.

January 15, 2003

Stayed awake through the patch. After being /lfg for about half an hour in PoT, I got a tell asking to come to a VSR kill. It went smoothly, downed him with two full groups. Two druids got their epic drops, and I got the blackened iksar bones for the eighth cudgel.

January 12, 2003
I got tired of soloing in Chardok after about an hour, so I turned /lfg on. About ten minutes later, a cleric sent me a tell asking to come group with her in Skyfire. I went, and found out we were hunting for a pearlescent shard, her last. A couple of hours later, she got it. Everyone in the group wanted to kill Ragefire, so they asked their guilds and friends, and a little over an hour later, a nice raid force was assembled. Ragefire lasted less than a minute.

Grats Ainna on your rez stick!

January 10, 2003
Patch day. I went with a few others to kill some named gnoll in Jaggedpine for Wodam. We had just done it the night before for Qurio, so no big deal. Besides the fact that I suck at reading maps, that is. Lots of weird NPC types though!

We killed Barducks. Afterwards I got drunk because I was bored and it's about time to max out my AT (it's been ~185 for months now).

In doing this, I found a bug! My intelligence stayed at 19 for almost five whole minutes. I got curious and clicked off a buff. My intelligence jumped to 42! But it stayed there, until I clicked my SoW boots! Then it jumped to 50. I reported the bug, and it seems to be fixed now.

Also, I was kind of impressed with this. After the patch, I got on my enchanter and my dad's cleric to rez myself (I died a couple of times in FV getting the last drop for my iksar illusion spell). I wondered how many people were on (the servers had just come up about 15 minutes earlier), so I did a /who all. And, to my surprise, the enchanter and cleric both turned up on the list!

Well, I thought it was cool.

January 5, 2003
My Hole raid was actually a complete success. Kirn died; I'm now two kills and a tear from my epic. Read more on the page I made for it here.

December 23, 2002
Apparently, I can slow. Who'd have thought?!

I went to help a friend of Madax's kill some gimp dragon in BW for his epic. While I was headed there from Skyfire, a gimp ranger handed me my ass. I have this really bad habit of running to epic mobs. :-/

After slaying the dragon, we went on to kill a dark elf guard for Madax's epic. I was naturally overjoyed to hear this; I have a penchant for killing guards. Anyway, I have a picture, which I didn't think to take of the dragon. Maybe because it died so fast!

Madax only has one step left to his epic now. Yay!

December 17, 2002
OMG, again with the pickup PoI group!

Bane of Nife is everything I ever hoped it would be. I haven't had this much fun playing with a new spell since I got Vision.

December 9, 2002
Helped (over)kill the Plasmatic Priest for Xasmic's friend Damaf's epic. Afterwards the three of us went to camp SolA for his other drop. It was pretty much uneventful, but Xasmic showed me the goblin merchant, which I had never seen before.

The amount of things I don't know about this game after over a year of playing is really surprising. Damaf didn't get his spawn, but I had fun just hanging out.

December 7, 2002

Nothing big today, but I did manage to get stuck under Plane of Knowledge.

December 6, 2002
Early morning group in Siren's Grotto with some guild friends!

It was going good until the enchanter LD'd. We managed to keep killing things, though. Later today there will be a reunion to own the place.

December 2, 2002
Killed Digalis again, turned a couple of stacks of bone chips into the guard in front of Cabilis to fix my faction. I still have about 20 in the bank from my hard time in Kurns, so I figured why not? I'm still amiable with the shaman guild, so that's good. Turned in my skulls, and got this:

Can't do anymore until I get into a HS group. I figure that will happen pretty soon. In the meantime maybe I'll concentrate on getting 56. When I bought Bane of Nife a couple of months ago, I didn't think I'd ever get to use it. Maybe I will though!

December 1, 2002
Got up early and camped ingredients. Three hours later, I had everything I needed. I made the Dristilate, and brought it to Dalnir. I was surprised at how smoothly everything went, cos I thought it might be a problem for me to break into the shackle room all by myself. I got the coerced channeler on the second cycle, so I think I got lucky.
I thought this screen shot turned out cool cos of the kly guy that spawned in his place.

Anyway, I had two of my three skulls now, so I went to Droga to kill an iksar prisoner. It's weird, cos you loot a skull off of the prisoner, and bring it to a guy in BW, who in turn spawns an NPC to kill that you loot the quest skull from.'s me in the prison, all shrunk and out of proportion.

I sat in the camp for about half an hour waiting for my guy to spawn. Finally,

With a heavy heart, I killed him. He seemed cool, and when I did it I took a hit against my guild.

I went to BW, and after about seven tries, I made it into the tower in Chardok. I gave Digalis' skull to this guy.

He spawned Clerk Doval, who he said had the skull. I went over and hailed him a couple of times, summoned my pet, who was waiting at the zoneline for the impending ambush, and turned around to find Doval despawned. I was, naturally, kinda pissed. I petitioned, but with no response despite three admin-gm's being on, one of whom was actually in the same zone for 5 minutes or so. Here's a screenshot of me looking out over the plain, waiting for a GM to come.

Forty-five minutes later, all three GM's had signed off. I camped in the tower because I was tired. I figured I would go kill Digalis again tomorrow.

November 30, 2002
Guild group in Sebilis. We all had good time, despite an outbreak of LD's. Vryc went three times, my brother and Gars went twice, and I think Konatsu went once. Kon died one time pulling, and we had a partial wipe when Vryc LD'd during a triple pull. Then the mezzes wore off...wasn't good! Other than that, no deaths though. Kinda got a lot of pictures, so I'm thumbnailing on like my album pages.

lounging about in a hallway... Xarikel passed out on the bar... Gars' pet all up in my grill... an action shot!

Fun times continued after I got Overseer Dlubish...and after only two hours of camping him. In total, I think I camped him for about six hours. Half the time of Kurn's, but probably less fun. On the up side, I made about 200pp clearing the room. I also got half a stack of peridots; I figure I'll use them to pay back the next few Aegolisms I get.

I brought the skull canopic Dlubish dropped, along with a couple of totem pieces I got from three hours of killing froglok ton nights, to Galdon Vok Nir in the Overthere.

I took the skull and brought it back to the guy in my guild and got one of these:

Afterwards I started gathering up some of the components for the next cudgel quest. The sarnak camps were all taken in the Overthere, so I figured I would take a nap.

November 29, 2002
Camped Dublish for an hour or so before getting invited to a Growth raid with one of my brother's guilds. It was pretty late so there were only about 15 people, and I was the only shaman.

My brother and I marched around under the waterfall...

And Xasmic and the puller, Crystalwynd, dueled while we waited for the druid to come pick us up.

November 28, 2002
No pictures today but it was a nice Thanksgiving. I got up early and went to Kurn's, and got my last two skulls before my SoW even wore off. Then I went to Warslik's to do the next skull camp, and got all six within two hours. My crappy cudgel was upgraded to a near-equally crappy cudgel:

Next, I went to Nurga to camp Overseer Dublish.

Nurga is the worst zone in the game, imo, by the way. Two hours camping this assclown, and I didn't get him.

November 27, 2002
I got the other piece for my Howling Stones key.

I had been getting bugged to come to a group in Velk's for awhile before. So I did, figuring I'd go turn in my pieces afterwards.

Don't they look like best friends?

After a small emergency, I got my HS key. I wasn't paying attention while running through the swamp, and accidentally ran right over Ulump Whatshisname, who proceeded to hand me my ass. At one point, I was so sure I was going to die, that I /l'ed for the impending CR. I went through a whole thought process about how I would lose my level, and how much I would have to pay a cleric to come down and resurrect me.

As it turned out though, I made it to Cabilis with 150 hp left.

November 26, 2002
This finally happened today in a pickup PoI group. Yay!

Went back to Kurn's to get another skull. Kind of disappointing, cos I was there for almost four hours. Still, though, two to go!

November 24, 2002
Still in Kurn's. Got one more skull on a drop, then bought one from a monk. Three to go.

November 23, 2002
Started camping Kurn's for skulls with x's. I got one in about an hour and a half. Five to go. Check out my train.

November 22, 2002

Went to Karnor's to hang out with some friends. I forgot to take some screen shots. I'd never been there before though; it was actually quite enjoyable. None of the trains it's so infamous for. We did get a pull with like eight things, one named. Vryc is the man though, so we pulled it off pretty smoothly.

I went to the Bazaar and bought some new armor. No more pink for me...except the pants, anyway...

November 17, 2002
Mobilized in the Oasis to kill Cazel for another guild friend's epic.

He died too.

November 14, 2002
We had a small group en route to Solusek Ro to kill the plasmatic priest for a guild member's epic. Of course, we didn't count on the server crashing (cos Luclin never crashes!). We still made it, minus our druid.

Then he died!

November 9, 2002
Got my epic books from Ghiosk on a CoM raid. I wandered all over EJ looking for the wolf, around the location listed on my guide. The guide failed to mention that the spirit wolf was in the middle of a lake. I gave him the books...

...and, was inspired to make a halfling rogue and explore the Hole, since I kill High Scale Kirn next. Of course, this prompts a new story, which is here!