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The Hole

The night I got my epic books from a City of Mist raid, I made a halfling to explore the Hole. I'm pretty into getting my epic, even moreso after tonight. After sneaking back and forth to the tower in the Hole two or three times, I finally decided to get a bit more serious. Instead of asking idle questions about how long it would take to fight back, or how many people I would need, I asked my guild who would come. I got a decent number of confirmations, so I started asking outside friends. Eventually, we set a date for the event.

A few people joined me next to the pool in Paineel before the set starting time of 8:00. More showed up around and afterwards though, and I was fielding tells from 3 or 4 people at a time for the first hour I was signed on. It was confusing, cycling through ten names for a reply. I dealt with it, though, and eventually groups were formed and we went in.

We got from the zoneout to the entrance to the city with minimal deaths. One of our druids died after getting aggro, and I think again after he was resurrected, as we were breaking through the first gate. We pressed on anyway, arriving at the gate of the old city with no more mishaps. A bit further in, and we were still fine. But then came the only bad pull of the night.

Thinking back, I believe there were 6-8 mobs. At least three were rock golems. My group was doing all right health-wise, then poor Damaf (our cleric) got summoned and was dispatched by the fiendish denizens. I was forced to provide Mien with ghetto healing by chain casting Superior Heal on him, Cannibalize down to about half life, sit down to get back more life, and repeat. This almost took a turn for the worse when I picked up aggro from healing Konatsu. I think half the raiding force was wiped out, but besides Damaf, our group was all still alive at the end. I believe group one was all safe as well. Resurrections took place and as soon as rez effects were gone, we were off once again.

I took this screenshot right after the fight ended. Check out the carnage!

The rest of our fight through the city went well, with no more deaths. In no time, we were in the tunnel to the tower. In realtime, it took us almost two hours to get there from the entrance. But it seemed like no time. Anyway, here I am greeting poor Jaeil the Wretched.

We had a hell of a time getting everyone IVU'd. Everyone would get it, we'd be about to move, and then a golem would spawn on top of us and everyone would lose it while killing the intruder. BUT eventually we did get to the tower. There was the token death on the way up due to IVU wearing off, but it was otherwise clean. We all gathered around to make the Ghost of Kindle feel loved.

Then we killed her and Garsgirl got her epic piece. /mourn Kindle.

Then Sars and I went over to say hello to this handsome mug:

I gave him a present, but he didn't like it.

Everyone must have been waiting for the opportunity to smack around Mr. High Scale. He got jumped quickly. This picture is cool because Xasmic is about to kick Kirn in the back of his head. Also because I wasn't centered, and you can see half of my spell bar. The top half of what I keep memorized is no longer a mystery!

Kirn died. I had to wait to loot, which of course meant that I got to listen to everyone in group 1 joke about looting the ring. But eventually, I was finally allowed to get my prize.

And here are the stats, equally uninspiring!

Like Sars said, look at the weight, it's obviously a monk item!

Seriously though, I feel obligated to extend my thanks to everyone who came and helped this happen. Thank you Xasmic, Aeba, all the nice people from El`lar Abbilen (Jadyn, Mien, Sars, and Shmilyi), Xasmic's friends from Primal Order (Cyclid and Damaf), and, of course, my guild (Dalanar, Garsgirl, Konatsu, Mallack, Maural, Mirada, Razpberry, and Xarikel). The raid wouldn't have happened without you all. Thanks!

Now I need to work on getting the child's tear... =/

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