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...and his aftermath. As always, I took 50 screenshots (well 34, but for one night, not bad lol). SO, I bring a story so I can share these wonderful screen shots.

Okay so I was on Instant Messenger all day and Xasmic was like I think I have a group to kill Xenevorash today. So I was like cool...tell me when you're gonna do it so I can come help. So of course he waits until I have just put a pot of spaghetti on the oven for me, my b/f, and my brother. His tell very eloquently stated "get your ass to DL now plz."

So, in between stirrings and tastings of the spaghetti, I got from BW to LoIO. I got there and summoned a pet; few other people were there but lots more were coming. So while I was eating, people started coming in, and about the time we were ready to start fighting it looked like this:

Of course even though groups were being formed and I thought it was about to start, it didn't actually happen for another 10-15 minutes and the high level population in LoIO doubled. By now, the PC's native to the zone were growing suspicious at the number of 50+ people that had suddenly moved in.

Eventually Deep and Vorash got pulled.

You can barely see them here though.

This one is better. Deep, being a dark elf, is kind of hard to see through all the people that are busy kicking her ass. So, I drew an arrow pointing at her. Look at Miinng in mid-kick with levitate!

Deep fell fast, and Vorash's luck died with her.

But the battle was not yet won. A new evil turned everyone's attention towards the lake.

And his name was Xenevorash.

But we prevailed, as you can see Xenevorash trying to run away. All the people following must have been disheartening.

(I was in the xp group...although my xp bar didn't reflect this lol)

Xasmic waits patiently to loot his prize, while Shorttin makes jokes about ninjaing the item and selling it as a mq. BUT fortunately no one did, so I skipped out on the City of Mist party afterwards to go with Xasmic and turn his stuff in. Shorttin's druid came with to port us around, and for moral support. Our first stop was in Toxxulia.

Oh, no! Lizards afoot in Erudin! But don't worry. We're just tourists. Kinda.

Xasmic gave the nice Erudite a book. The Erudite was thrilled to recieve it, and was glad that he did not meet the same fate as the guy down the hall.

Next we ported to South Ro and run up to the Oasis so we could swim out into the middle of the ocean. As luck would have it, the raft was already at the dock when we got there, so we rode it over to Timorous.

Anyway we swam for a pretty long time, through a secret tunnel, into a hidden oasis island! I'm surprised he keeps it hidden, it's pretty.

So Xasmic found the other bookkeeper there. Meanwhile, I enjoyed his view.

Then Xasmic took his shirt off for the guy...

and gave him a book too.

The last (and surprisingly longest) step was to give stuff to some weird monks in Trakanon's Teeth (I am being vague cos I don't know what he gave them lol). We ran over to Sebilis, where the monk is.

But he wasn't there.

Xasmic said that the guy chases monks after they hand him the things, so he was probably just around the zone somewhere. We had a druid, so we could track him. We'd find him in no time!

No time turned out to be about 20 minutes later.

Xasmic started talking to him and he wigged out.

So, we found his counterpart, who looks exactly like him and has the same name, but is sane. He lives across the lake in a hut.

And Xasmic gave him a present, and he said:

(there's ninja star smoke coming out of his glove!)

Congrats, Xasmic.

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