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Pendle Down!

Pendle Dashinger has been a target of Xahra's for a long time. In her days as a young shaman, she used to kill things around Kaesora; this instilled her with a kind of civic pride. And there was always a shady half-elf watching her. Pendle Dashinger.

Xahra never knew why Pendle chose to spend his days lounging about in front of Kaesora. He never said anything very interesting to her, although she tried many times to get him to talk. He was obsessed with these ruins.

Tension mounted much later, when Xahra began hunting in the ruins themselves with her friends. Every night on the way in, that stupid half-elf was looking at her. She would say hi, generally being a polite lizard, but he would just respond with more rhetoric about his ruins. She tried to give him a tip, which he rudely stated that he didn't need, but would keep anyway. She decided then that once she learned the spell that would summon a spirit companion to guard her, she would kill him.

That day finally came. Xahra regarded him; he looked formidable, but he should not pose much of a problem. She called to her spirit guide and attempted to bind the half-elf to the ground, so her companion could leisurely dispose of him. Pendle was unaffected by this magic, so Xahra calmly backed up and attempted again. And again he resisted. A bit disappointed, she ran back to Cabilis, Pendle giving chase. It was then that Xahra saw just how outmatched she was. Pendle killed all of the guards at the gate, in a grim spectacle.

Even later, Xahra saw Pendle again. This time, he had been mentally dominated by an enchanter, who used him to kill the Tangrin. She could not believe what she was watching; as a child she had been told that the Tangrin was a beast that took many people to slay...not one half-elf. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Pendle had to die. And Xahra devised the perfect plan to kill him.

She brought him to friend, Oracle Vauris.

They punched each other for about twenty minutes. It was clear that Pendle was getting hurt a lot more than the tough old shaman. He began running like a little girl.

But Vauris made him come back and fight like a man!

At this point, Vauris was barely hurt at all.

He punched Pendle in the head a few more times, until he could barely move!

And finally...

Xahra was overjoyed. Although initially she was disappointed that she would never kill him, she was happy that he was now dead. The guards of Cabilis were avenged, and her friend Oracle Vauris had barely broken a sweat.

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