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Nubs Blackgranite earned the enmity of Xahra and Xarikel in the lizards' younger days. Both were around their twentieth seasons, and recuperating at the windmill from a long session of sarnak cleansing. Physically and mentally spent, they failed to notice the Iksar necromancer leading a charbone skeleton back to the mill. He used an area effect spell on the skeleton, and the poison cloud angered Nubs and the Professor. They quickly dispatched him, but decided not to stop with only him. Nubs proceeded to commit genocide, systematically slaughtering every Iksar in the windmill. Xahra followed the errant necromancer, cut down before she had time to look up from her book. Xarikel heard her single cry of warning and tried to flee, but he too was killed. That day, both lizards swore to exact revenge on him someday, when they were old enough to handle him.

That day was February 8, 2002. Xahra, near her 38th season, and Xarikel, in his 39th, returned to the Lake of Ill Omen to dispatch the man who had wronged them so long ago.

And finally...

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