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The Photo Album

Well, like it says a couple of times on the page, this is the photo album. Here's what I got. The top menu (variables) are pages that get new pictures added occasionally, while the bottom menu (constants) don't get new you only have to look once lol.

  • Miscellanious - By far the biggest collection; stuff pretty much gets thrown in here.
  • Monsters in Stupid Poses - And doing stupid things. This gets updated occasionally.
  • Names I like - I take screen shots sometimes when I see people with funny names.

  • Mini-raid on Kedge Keep - Cut short from desertion (it was late), so there are only a few screen shots on here.
  • The Crypt of Dalnir - Spent my mid 20's to lower 30's there. Good choice, too, cos that's where I met some people from what would later be my guild.
  • The Lake of Ill Omen - The next phase of my "life."
  • Back in the Day - Screen shots from my days in the Field of Bones and Kurn's Tower. Some of these are before I hit double digits.

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