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Old School!
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Xarikel leads his skeleton in an attack against the sinister badger!... Xarikel celebrating he and Xahra's first trip to Kurn's tower... Xahra's magic leaves a trail of pretty white dots... Xarikel demands to know why Cazic Thule hates him... Xahra catches a guard fooling around with one of the local merchants during his lunch break!... Xahra and Xarikel's magic helps them fight a skeleton

Kurn's Tower

The skeleton is about to get kicked in the head!... Another unlucky skeleton is about to catch a staff to the dome!... Xarikel is locked in a staredown with the filthy badger!... Xarikel and the badger yell battle cries, but their eyes remain locked... Xarikel stands triumphantly among the field of slain badgers... Many seaons later, Xarikel and Xahra return to visit their old haunt

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