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The Lake of Ill Omen era!
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Xarikel is already hooking up with lots of girls!... Xahra and Xarikel slither around the windmill with their new friends... Xarikel crowds the camera... Xarikel engages in a staring contest with a friendly barbarian's hat... Xarikel enjoys watching the sunset from high atop a cliff... Xarikel running like a zombie!... Xarikel comes running over for a hug!... Double vision!... This is the first time I ever saw instill doubt used lol...I'm such a n00b!... Xahra and her friends crowd around to watch Satoshi die... Vengefull cuddles with Satoshi's corpse... Vengefull sits on Satoshi's face!... Xahra and Collete met this pimpadelic fellow at the windmill... My first time ever being a wolf :)

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