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The Plane of Hate

I was coming back from Ken's early the day of this raid, cos he was going upstate for a counseling job. So, I was kinda bummed, but things worked out once I got home. My brother was playing EQ, and he asked me if I would like to go on a hate raid. Since my dad wasn't playing, I agreed quickly.

He and I romped around the spires in South Ro, killing any moss snakes we ran across. More people filed in for the next hour or so, until it was finally time to go. Luckily he and I ended up in the same group, along with two people that used to be in my guild. We were made of leftovers...five melees and me to heal them all. Not that they really got hurt anyway, except on AoE stuff. We lovingly referred to ourselves as the group that was too ghetto to deserve a number. Anyway, on to the real story.

We broke into the first room. I had heard stories of how crowded it gets, but no way was I prepared for this. When we gated in (being in the last wave, since we were too ghetto to deserve a number), I landed on three peoples' heads. I had to back up to the wall before I fell onto the floor. The room was honestly kind of tedious. It was exciting to be in the Plane of Hate and all, but for the first little bit we couldn't even sit down. Even once we could, I never saw any of the action. My brother said he actually couldn't reach something through all the people. A piece of scaled heirophant dropped, but I lost the roll to the other Iksar shaman. It wasn't too big of a disappointment, though, cos he gave me his old helmet, arctic wyvern. Eventually we got to the next room.

This was kind of amusing.

The second room felt exposed even though everyone insisted it was safe. Wandering skeleton dragons made me feel even more uneasy, but the ease with which we killed them reassured me. Someone brought up the fact that with such a large group we could probably kill Innoruuk, which of course everyone was for. Including me. It sounded like it was shaping up to be a pretty cool first trip.

Another amusing chat occurrence.

Xarikel with his newly-won shield.

Sooo, after we finished up in the second room, we ran off to the third stopoff. On the way there, we passed this pretty temple:

We sat in front of it for awhile, then ran off down the hall to Innoruuk's house. I took this screen shot cos I thought it was funny, it was like a big train of people. Then again, dumb things amuse me sometimes.

Finally we got to his house, and we were sitting outside his room getting ready to fight. I'm not quite clear on what happened, but he ended up in the hallway before we were completely ready. It wasn't a good omen; things were pretty chaotic for the first bit of the fight, and a lot of people died early.

^--- the MAN! ---^
He did a good job kicking our asses for awhile.

Here's a progressive look at his life, compared to the life of my group. Notice that my entire group is dead for a good deal of this. The first screen shot was taken less than a minute after he came out in the hallway.

After most of the tanks were dead, it was time for the pet squad:

And finally...

Nice first raid I think.

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