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The Best Death Story Ever!

Well, first, here's what we're dealing with:

The fated night of this tale begins with me logging on and looking for a group in the Dreadlands. As usual, there were ten shamans in the zone, so no luck. I figured since I was only two yellow from 44, I might as well go back to Cabilis and buy my spells. So, I made it there fine, bought all my spells, and went back to the bank to deposit the leftover money.

While I was in the bank, I started cleaning out all my backpacks, because I'm mildly compulsive about putting things in order, and I wanted to put all my scrolls in the same backpack. In one of them, I ran across some gator meat from a recent trip to Lower Guk. So, I went to destroy it. Instead of clicking destroy, though, I clicked on the banker, so it opened a trade window. No problem, I thought, I'll just cancel. But when I clicked cancel, I picked up 204,400 silver. This was, by the way, my entire bank account, in silver. No way was I going to give my money to the banker, so I put it in my inventory and just clicked give so he could have the stupid meat. But, that didn't work either. I started backing away (very slowly, I was now at 5280/85 weight lol) and the trade window disappeared. So, I tried to bank again, and came to the same frozen trade window.

I didn't even think to camp for some reason, and instead started the long trek to the Field of Bones zone. On the way there, I went down a step. And I really mean a step. Normally I might take 1 or 2 damage from falling. But, being 5000 pounds overweight, I took 10k when I landed.

When I respawned, I petitioned. Twenty minutes later, the GM asked what I needed. I explained the situation to him, and he was quiet for about five minutes. I think he must have been laughing, because when he finally came back, he told me that he was given permission to rez me. His exact words were "we have permission to add you to the 10 silliest resurrections."

I wonder if there really is such a list.

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